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Christmas Brings out the Nutty People

Do I have to go back to work tomorrow? -_-;;

Today was awful...so busy... and there was only me really on the aisle who had any idea of where stuff was or to answer queries bsides one other woman who wasn't on the aisle half of the time I was...
...bad thing is she said yesterday that she's gonna be doing a "Progress" thingy with me tomorrow... which must be them saying if I've imporved at all over the last 3 or so weeks to a month which i really fear, cos of the Christmas rush, I haven't...I mean any normal day in the middle of the week I probably could get loads out on the shelves if i picked up the pace and could meet their goals...
....but then you have a million people asking you different things then it gets hard O_o;; ESPECIALLY if you're pretty much the only one on the aisle who can answer such queries...
...I'll say soemthing like that tomorrow if she claims I haven't imporved >_<

So yeah the day was FULL of that plus some woman rang the store up wanting to have some wine delievered to her house...which we can only do through the internet...but this woman wouldn't take that as an answer...she started going on about how she doesn't have a computer and doesn't know how to work the internet...so she asked if anywhere else in Worksop did delieveries... neither me or the checkout cpatian person could think of anything... so the lady rants on how it's "Age Decrimination" XD It's funny now but at the time I was like "How the hell do I deal with this?"
Luckily the woman didn't seem mad at me, just Sainsbury's, so she asked to speak to the manager. I told the checkout captain who was gonna put a call out for our manager... except he's new and they couldn't remember his last name *LOL*...so she decided to call for Claire instead...the Checkout Manager XD She's the one who forever asks me for overtime...
So Claire comes and I explain the situation and she turns to the Checkout Captian and goes "Well I can't do anything!" but takes the call anyway and struggles as she tries to explain we don't do deliveries and it's not Age descrimination...boy she didn't look happy after that :p
Best thing was this lady wasn't IN Worksop... I mean you could understand if she lived near worksop but...
...she was in BRISTOL.
Bristol is near wales... Worksop is in Nottinghamshire... yeah work that one out O_o;; Faaaaar away... I mean there HAD to be a Sainsbury's more closer to Bristol, it's a HUGE supermarket chain, why phone the Worksop branch? O_o;; Weird...

Oh well...

I went on my site and that's how many hits it has now O_O WOW! *bows to everyone who visits*
Hummm... gotta tell the visitors to ignore the flames in my guestbook too....
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