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And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for this darn computer....


So the formatting of my computer DIDN'T cure the resetting problem...

ME - *Happily colouring a picture I hoped to finish today that's taken me almost a month to do*
COMPUTER: - Hahaha! I'm Evil!!!11one!! *Resets*

GAH! I am so damn annoyed right now, I WANT to get these pictures done, I WANT to be able to colour in Photoshop cos my piccies are better in Photoshop. I wonder if it's a problem with the harddrive or the Memory, couldn't have been that i had too much on the computer, after all I completly wiped this damn thing. Sure I installed some more programmes last night but it's not much more than what this computer had in the first place....

Looks like I may have to stick to oekaki for a while. My brother said he's off work this week and next week, I'll ask him if he knows what's wrong but knowing my brother.

ADAM: - *Shrugs* I dunno.... (*Translated: "I can't be bothered to tell you...."

I think I need a new computer....or learn how to colour good on Paint Shop Pro. Oh well *sighs* My oekaki needed sharpening up anyway but when I do oekaki my internet likes to disconnect me while I'm drawing and refuses to reconnect until I reset the computer....so no posting the picture on the board I drew it at...
....that means many safety saves.

Well I have been meaning to enter the monthly theme thing at the Fruit patch since it started... ^^; No one has done a water thing on the Digimon side of the board yet anyway....
...that's if the board worked for me....
WTF is wrong with this computer? *Kicks it*
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