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Back with Bit Torrent~!

Well I have now installed Paint Shop Pro, Bit Torrent, the Bit torrent client I use and some video codecs. Lets see how long my computer lasts this time XD Though my computer lasted just over a year with my downloads and I think THIS time I'll watch them and either delete them straight away or put them straight onto a disk.... which reminds me, I hope I have the software for my CD writer XD;; I should have.

My first priority should be to get the two pictures coloured in Photoshop which have been laying half done for weeks and weeks, I need to install it first though XD;;

Although now I have to create a new banner for my message board, for that I need to seek out a Takuya picture and a Torchic piccie X3
Need to make sure I'm in bed in about half an hour though since I'm walking to work tomorrow XP And it being an 8 hour shift doesn't make it much better XD

I hope I get better speeds for FMA episode 48 subbed tomorrow.
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