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Let's play GUESS WHO!

Since I don't really have the time to do any reviews and stuff (*My computer reset in the middle of doing one for FMA 48*) I'll just post these pictures for the preview of the next FMA episode next Saturday as it's quite intresting.

The first thing we see is what LOOKS like to be Ed with his father...but this kid has short hair. So who is this kid? Did Ed decide to chop off his golden locks of hair (*Note he appears at the end of the preview with all his hair in tact*) or is it some random flashback? Could it be Envy's Pre-human transmutation form? Is this a alternate reality? If I think about it too much will I spontaneously combust? (*Or maybe my computer would the way it's going*)
Thoughts and weird theroies are welcome about the pictures.

Oh and if I was to make ANY comment about todays episode it would be this.

Frank Archer has been assimilated by THE BORG!
Or has become the Terminator...
...not sure which XD

I think FMA is looking to make us go WTF? Until the very end...
I should go to bed now XD
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