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The Dream Where I Lived in a Castle....

Just thought I'd update with this freaky weird dream I had this morning after my brother woke me up at like almost 7am to ask for my mobile phone charger >_<

Anyway it was soemthing about my whole familiy moving house, it starts off really as a house just across from mine, for some ODD reason I get through a bedroom window (*And we're like moving the next day*) and there's this little boy asleep in his bed and there is another bed next to it, he wakes up and starts shouting to his parents in the next room that there is a girl with pink hair in his room O_o;; I don't have pink hair!

Anyway the next day we move and the house has changed into this HUGE castle, the people who owned it are showing us around and taking us down all these blue metal steps... then the guy who I assume is the father said that his oldest son died going down those steps, he came home one day and his two kids we're so excited to see him they both ran down the stairs and the eldest tripped up and fell...he then explains he looked fine but died...I even remember what he said the kids name was...it was Matthew...but I think it changes to Micheal later on in the dream O_o;; Anyway I remember walking into this bedroom and on the headboard of the bed are all these digimon pictures LOL Funny huh? Then I remember soemthing about leaving half my stuff at the old house XD Then I remember the little kid is playing in the garden and he suddenly points and says he can see Micheal/Matthew and it seems he's seeing his ghost which I don't see but the boy seems to follow something towards me and then I get really shivery...after all I think they say if Ghosts are near you it goes cold...weird...
...then I'm out in the garden talking to some lady and there is this Fox walking around the garden, not seemingly scared of all of us but it's keeping it's distance =p I remember there was some lady with me and I remember telling her how much I loved Foxes ^_^

And that's about it for the weird dream...besides another part where I'm telling soemone that I lived in this huge castle now XD I wish!

Ah well best get ready as I need to go into town ^_^ Just through I'd share my bizarre dream with you all! lol
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