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Yuuki Juudai has a Kuriboh that TALKS TO HIM! HA!

*lol* I was just reading some episode descriptions from http://nemo.freeservers.com/ about Yugioh GX and it sounds pretty well....wierd XD

The following is copied from the site and the comments in bold are my thoughts XD

Episode 1
Successor to Yugi

When Yuuki Juudai is in a hurry to the entrance exam for (Duel Academia High School), he comes across Mutou Yugi, the regendaly duelist, who gives Yuuki a card. Yuuki is late for the exam and pleads for mercy, but (Professor Chronos) insists taking more tests gets Yuuki nowhere because the result of his paper test was too bad. Yuuki challenges Chronos in a duel as a skill test. Chronos' rare card (Antique Gear Golem) is so strong as to have an ATK power of 3000. On the verge of defeat, Yuuki hears the voice. It was [Hane Kuriboh), a card Yugi gave him.

So in this first episode we learn that the older characters do indeed exist in this new series which is a relief. It hopefully means they'll appear every so often. And Yugi gives Yuuki a card which is some kind of Kuriboh that can talk to him.
That, for some reason, I find hillarious XD

Episode 2
Flame Wingman

Yuuki's school life begins. He is forced into a shabby dorm called Osiris Red which is regarded as the sink of dunces. He already gets involved in a trouble with (Banjoume), a honor student from Obelisk Blue. Late at night, they duel and put their best cards on the line. With a shrew strategy, Banjoume gains control of Yuuki's main moster, Flame Wingman.

So they live in dorms at the school? And two of them are called Osiris Red and Obelisk Blue? Why am I getting terrible images of Yu-Gi-Oh/Harry Potter crossovers? *Is scared* I wonder if they have a talking sorting hat...or best yet a talking sorting Dueling Disk....oh I can feel the Parody burning here XD

Episode 3
Etoir Cyber

Chronos fakes a love letter from Asuka to trap Yuuki, but it results in Shou's trouble. To save him from the girls' dorm, Yuuki duels against Asuka, AKA Queen. Gorgeous and powerful monsters such as (Etoir Cyber, Blade Skater and Cyber Blader) emerge from her Cyber Athlete deck. When Yuuki is push to the breaking point, he succeeds in summoning the new elemental hero (Thunder Giant).

Love letters? Girls dorm? Oh geez! Well looks like in this episode we get to meet Asuka the so called "Rival" of Yuuki. She has a "Cyber Athlete" deck? So they're robotic....athletes? O_o; Okay so what, Yuuki has a Kuriboh that can TALK TO HIM! Bwahahahahahahaha! (*Is still amused about that*)

Episode 4
Quintuple Combination! VWXYZ

They are going to have a monthly test. Juudai overslept and what's more, he helps a lady with her load and late for it. After the test, students earn new cards at the school store, but Yuuki fails to gain one. Then the lady who Yuuki helped gives him a card, Shinka suru tsubasa =The evolving wing). She turns to be a shop clerk of his school. In the practical test, he duels against Banjoume. Yuuki cannot compete the opponent's powerful combination of VWXYZ cards. But something occures to him when he sees the card the lady gave him.

Hahaha! Yuuki really seems like one of those people who has terrible bad luck. This school plot line really amuses me though! Honestly it's like some bizarre fanfic plot.

Episode 5
The Demon Deck of Darkness

Juudai and his frends go to the haunted dorm where some students are told to be vanished time and again. They sarch for the clues of Asuka's brother and then a susupicious-looking guy (Titan) appeares to challenge them to a duel. He is hired by Chronos and describes himself as a duelist of darkness. His deck is dangerous and reminds them of the shadow game. As Juudai's life point reduces, his body parts vanish one by one.

Ooooh! So do we still get Shadow Games? Do we? Do we!?! XD The last line kinda reminds me of the Yami Marik/Yami Yuugi Duel when parts of normal Marik and Little Yugi vanished as their life points reduced.

Okay that's all I can comment on at the moment I'll comment on episode 6 later, but I have to go into town now XD
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