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More random ramblings....

Man I wish my dad didn't get so pissed everytime I want him to squish a spider in my bedroom ;_; I daren't go near the things...
At least he managed to get this one unlike the last one which somehow escaped and never appeared again.

Y'know I still have that lump like whatever behind my ear, I can also feel the other side a bit more now too, meh I'm probably being paranoid they've probably always been like that and I only noticed recently due to the weird aching I've been having there which really I've had on and off all year in a way, hell I could just be imagining it. I guess I should just watch it and make sure it doesn't get any bigger or something, I'd prefer to hold off going to the doctor cos it sounds like the doctor my family has couldn't really careless about anything, which really sounds like most doctor's these days. Ours seems to try and get rid of my dad as fast as anything when he goes for checkups and by the way my dad describes it she doesn't even try and sound intrested in my dad and stuff...
...I mean I wouldn't mind going for a General checkup as I haven't been to the doctor since I was 12 but sees like they may very well frown upon that these days...
Hell I haven't even SEEN the current doctor we have, I don't even know what she looks like O_o;

Knowing me I probably will find if I actually stay off the computer for a decent amount of time and actually go to bed at a decent time instead of 1 or 2am that half my complaints will probably dissapear XD;;

Apparently one of the lads who works where I do had his licence plates stolen off his car today (*I saw the car on the way out after I was told O_O;*). The girl who served me at the checkouts as I was leaving also told me that other various Sainsbury's stores that had a problem with that happening also had a problem with people snatching money from tills at the same time. What they do is go through the checkout with a few things and pay for them but while the till is open they reach over and grab money from it. Scary huh? The girl said she'd warned Security about it just incase it's the same people. I think I remember reading in our Checkout file that one of the incidents happened in Sheffield, not far from where I live really O_o; It's only half an hour away...Eeep!

Well I best get to bed now XD
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