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Ten in the morning!? Whaaaa!

Damn it's tooo warm ;_; *dies*

It was the first day back to work after my week off today (*It went so fast....*) but nothing out of the ordianary happened today XD Although next week not only do they have me down for THREE 8 hour shifts (*Okay one is like 7 and 15 minutes but who's counting*) but all three start at TEN IN THE MORNING! *Falls over* As you know I'm not much of a morning person so I am NOT going to enjoy that...
...also this weekend I should have off cos they were supposed to have changed one of my Sundays to working on a Friday....but has that changed? NOOOOOOPE!
Gah so so very annoying >_<

Oh and my computer has been really annoying me recently with it's shutting off >_< If ONLY I had asked for the CD I need from my brother before my uncle did then I could wipe this piece of junk...

I need to get another drink -_-;;;;;
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