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OMG! Baby Moofy!

Damn FMA just gets better and better each episode O_O

So we begin with Sloth approaching a rather distressed sounding Al, she sounds very motherly towards him as she looks at the part of him that had degreaded and Al remembers his mother seeing to a cut on his finger when he was all little and stuff X3 Again Dante's theme is the best EVER and I MUST HAVE IT!
Anyway afterwards Al is all like "Mum!" ;_;

Then we go to a rather still dead looking Wrath. Then we seen him running away from the gate completly naked O_o; Then he copletly decreases in size until he's only a little baby....at this point I'm screaming "BABY MOOFY!" at the screen (*Er, you won't get the Moofy thing unless you watch the fm_alchemist community, tis a nickname they gave him XD*)
Then we get naked Izumi to add onto this XD Baby Wrath crawls towards her and she picks him up and cradles him in her arms, then the image kinda switches constantly between Izumi and Sloth.
Afterwards Wrath wakes up screaming then wanders away speaking only one word...
It's amazing how fast Wrath can switch between utterly Psycho to just utterly adorable X3

Anyway skipping to when Al and Sloth walk into the room Ed is in (*Just after Ed transmutes part of a gun fo create a new automail hand*) he then changes his hand into a gun and tries to shoot Sloth but poor little Al he seems rather against anyone trying to hurt sloth now ;_; As he runs in front of her.
Ed then runs off and Sloth follows before she's able to grab hold of him, then she notices she's stood on a transmutation circle which is the same as the one Dante used against Greed. Ed then takes a box out of his pocket and pushes it into Sloth making her turn into a big ol puddle O water. Lust then lurks out of the shadows she says a hell of a lot of stuff before Al decides to grab the box that is now laying in the Sloth puddle and throw it out of the window.
The brother's proceed to argue as Sloth is throwing up those Philosopher's stones and stuff. Lust then slices her with her nails and keeps doing so as Ed runs out of the building hoping to find the box....

....too bad Wrath found it first. Ed tries to get it off him but Wrath avoids him and puts the box in himself. Both then fly through the window back into the building and Wrath (*Who has now started calling Sloth "Mama"*) is distraught to see Lust slicing sloth up so runs towards her, while tuurning his left hand into seveal guns O_o; He shoots at Lust who runs off, in the meantime Sloth goes inside Al and takes control of him, making him walk off. Lust then runs back up to Wrath and slices off the guns giving Ed the chance to persue Al and Sloth.

Lust goes after Wrath and when he falls to the floor he finds the necklace that's used to paralyze Lust on the floor (*Ed threw it at her earlier in the episdoe*) Then Lust realizes she's on the circle. She tries to run off but Wrath throws the pendant at her feet and she freezes.
Wrath activates the circle.

Back with Ed he follows Sloth and Al into another building. Sloth controlling Al makes him fight his own brother but Ed keeps avading it and engraves a parts of a circle on too desks or soemthing. Ed and Al push them together then activate the circle freezing up Sloth.

Back with Lust she's throwing up the stones then Wrath trnasmustes some gun into a sharp piece of metal and holds it above Lust. Next we see Lust fall to the ground and she looks pretty much dead....but who knows with Homunculus really O_o;

Back with Sloth who's rather very frozen right now, she seems to recall back to when she was created, she seemed to wander around in the rain as that er....freaky mess Ed and Al made and ends up meeting Dante who feeds her Philosopher's stones. She makes weird deep "Dog" like sounds XD
Later on in the hosue she's gobbling them up as Envy watches with amusement. She then lies in bed having flashbacks before Dante talks to her and the other Homunculus surround her bed.

Eventually Sloth comes out of Al, has an angsty moment then goes after Ed. Ed transmutes his soutomail with the sharp bit and goes after Sloth but that won't work as she turns to water everytime. Then Wrath runs in shouting "Mama!" which makes her attention go to him and that's when Ed drives the sharp metal through her and after much shineyness she ends up exploding and making it look like it's raining XD
Poor wrath runs into the now Sloth puddle on the floor shouting "Mama!" but if you think that's the end of her your wrong as she collects back together and regains her form. Wrath hugs her but then more shiney Alchemy happens and turns out Wrath has soemthow joined himself to Sloth, it seems this happened because of the fact that Wrath had the box Ed had inside him. So now Sloth is pretty paralysed.

Ed then uses alchemy on her which turns her all funky glowy green and we end with a shot of Winry watching from the outside, but why is Winry there?
Me thinks it's Envy...
....just seems odd she's there when they left her back in their home village *nods*

In the next episode we get Detective looking Roy, Winry, Izumi and er...those brothers who pretended to be the Elric brothers all those episodes ago...
....I wonder why they're back!? *blinks* O_o;

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