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Naruto 99/Yu-Gi-Oh 220 - Kaiba is still a jerk....

I got a tad behind on my reviews XD

Anyway I just watched episode 99 of Naruto, another filler-ish episode but it was very very cute. It was full of Konohamaru and Rock Lee angst XD

Poor little Konohamaru, distraught over there being a new Hokage and worried that everyone will forget his grandfather he barricades himself in the Hokage's office (*Or whatever that room was XD*) Tsunade leaves it up to Naruto to get him out but nothing he tries works. Afterwards when naruto was just about to blow the door down with Rasengen Tsunade stops him by knocking him to the floor and barges into the office avading Konohamaru's traps like it was the most easiest thing on eart (*Okay for her it probably is*) but in the end she does nothing to Konohamaru, she just picks up a book and leaves.

Shizune eventually finds her in a sake house, she looked about ready to tell her off (*Seriously Shizune acts like her mother XD*) but then is suprised to see her studying. She wants to find a way to do some cell thing Kabuto could do to give Rock Lee's change of survival in the surgery an extra....1%.... :p

Meanwhile Rock Lee is all angsting over it and Sakura brings him flowers and he's all blushing and really despite how freaky looking I find Rock Lee's character design his personality is just adorable X3 That scene was just too cute for words ^^; I liked it when she went to give him the flowers and he at first looks around then points to himself and goes "For me?" Sweeeeeet!

The next episode is called - "The hot-blooded teacher and his students bond! The time a Man must Abide to his way of the Ninja!"
Couldn't have picked a longer title could they? XD Seems like it'll all be about Gai and Lee ^^

Okay now onto Yu-Gi-Oh episode 220, the episode leading up to the FINAL showdown between Little Yugi and Atemu! Basiclly they all wake up in front of the tablet thingy. Kaiba gives Atemu the Millennium Eye then as they're about to leave (*Or more watch kaiba leave in a huff*) we see Ryou Bakura walking down the stairs looking all dozy XD He then falls into Joey's arms and falls asleep, how cute is that XD

Atemu collects up the rest of the Millennium Items then they leave and talk a lot with Marik and Isis, eventually they go to a boat and the rest of the episode is on that. Though before that they meet up with Duke, Yugi's grandfather and Mokuba (*Who gives his big brother a running glomp tackle and hangs around his neck before landing on the ground and wrapping his arms around his waist XD Ah brotherly love~!*)Also when after Duke talks I believe we get a number of clips of various people Yugi has met Pegasus, Rebecca, leon, those Doom guys, Mai....oh and this is the first offical time I've heard Pegasus' Japanese voice it's like his Dub one only....more fake sounding...he spends a long time finishing the last words of some of his sentances O_o; It really makes me laugh XD

There's a scene later on in the night where Yugi is stood on the boat with his friends. At a guess (*A very large guess*) I would say they were talking about the duel with Atemu, Joey seems very entusiastic I think he wanted to duel him *shrugs* Then Kaiba appears with Mokuba carrying a huge suitcase and it seems like Kaiba also wants to duel Atemu but whatever Kaiba wanted Yugi declines and kaiba actually GRABS Yugi by the belt around his neck O_o; Yeah I'm back to thinking Kaiba is an utter jerk again...
Afterwards he also tried to bribe yugi with the Suitcase which is full of cards...
Kaiba is such a jerk...

Afterwards comes a sweet scene with tea talking to Little Yugi as he sorts through his deck, she leaves and just stands outside the door with tears streaming down her face ;_; Poor Yugi knows this is all upsetting her and secretly apopogizes to her.

Afterwards Little Yugi lets Atemu sort out his deck.
Morning finally rolls in and Atemu is the last to get off the boat, and he's greeted by all the friends he's made X3

Next episode is the begining of the Yugi/Atemu duel....man I can't believe this is almost over ;_;

Oh and here is a token image of Bakura eating some food XD

Sorry it was just too cute!

Things I must do today and/or tomorrow:
- Go through back log of e-mails
- Update PDU
- Maybe struggle some art through that time XD

I want to see if I can colour my Chibi ninja Envy and put the words "NINJA HOMUNCULUS" on it or something for a T-shirt design. I bought some T-shirt transfer printer paper the other day and if I can find some good cheap plain white shirts I'm gonna make some transfers for them *lol* I'm such a pathetic fangirl....
...I doubt the transfers will last all that long in the wash either but it's fun to have them and I could just replace them when they come off totally.
Also I might do a Chibi Naruto with the words "That is MY way of the NINJA!" written on it XD

I also need to make a transfer of the FMA Flamel sign or whatever it is (*The one with a snake on a cross*) for my bag ^^;

Oh and today I did go to that earth center place and I got some decent photos ^^ I just haven't had the time to sort through them yet XD

Okay well that's me done for tonight, I need sleep....
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