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Togepi went to the beach!

YAY! I got to go to the beach today X3 Okay so I was only there for an hour or so but at least I got to go *lol* My dad and I spent most of the time going in and out of arcades. They had a few gabber machine things that were HUGE, seriously I've never seen one so big before XD But yeah these days I think those grabber machines are fixed and for the ones that aren't they charge you £1/£2 to have a go on them, but with those you don't have to keep putting money in them since for £1/£2 you can have all the goes you want until you win something....but when you do end up winning something it's like on the 2nd try XD
My dad got me a rather stoned looking Pikachu and a Gabumon I pointed out. Yes the Pikachu does indeed look stoned XD That's why I love it!

I took some photos too but they don't look all that amazing, nice to take pictures of something different though ^^

With this one there was actually a tad bit of chaos to the right just out of the picture XD Ya see that patch of sand in the middle of the water, some people weren't paying attention to the fact that the tide was coming in and the almost got stuck on it. They called for the life boat but the people were able to wade across it.

This was taken just before we left as the sun was setting I though it looked kinda pretty and you can even see a ship on the water in the background ^^

Erm...a pool of water and the sea just behind it *lol*

The end of the pier :p

I think my favoruite photo is the one with the ship in the background XD

Ah well hopefully my dad and I will be going to this place called "The Earth Center" tomorrow, apparnetly that should be good for my photography XD I think my dad mentioned they have an animal thing there too, that would be so cool X3

Meh gonna go to bed in a minute, I feel so tired -_-; Plus my dad wants me up at 10am tomorrow (*Although I doubt we won't leave until like midday or soemthing knowing us*)
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