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More ramblings on FMA X3

So my most intrest in the sub of FMA was to learn why Envy got so pissed when he appeared, I knew it had something to do with Hohenheim but of course I didn't know what.

So he appears at Homunculus HQ (*I have no idea what else to call it XD*) when it seems like he's supposed to be in the North waiting to do away with anyone who was involved with Hughes. Yet he's there cos he heard "He" was coming, Dante apparnetly plays dumb to this XD She's all like "Who do you mean?"

ENVY: - Him!!! Like you created Greed and Pride, the one who created me! The one who toyed with us!

DANTE: - Hohenheim of Light

So lets back up for a moment, Envy says "Like you created Greed and Pride" meaning Dante then says "the one who created me" is he refering to Hohenheim since he seems to be mentioning a different perosn in that line, seems it's that way *nods*
After that Envy starts demanding where he is. Then we turn to Pride:

PRIDE: - Do you have some feelings of nostalgia for your true father?

That's when Envy first goes complete uber Psycho...
So there pride was refering to Hohenheim though I have a problem at looking at all the different meanings of things, would he be refering to Hohenheim being his "father" because he created Envy or because he's actually his....true father... since Pride says "True" father...
....Whaaaaaa! ;_; FMA is confusing me!

So anyway it's then Dante tells Envy that Hohenheim is as good as dead which makes Envy freak out more since HE wnated to kill him....oh booo-hooo....
Dante then tells him how Ed and Al have the stone.

DANTE: - It's a shame, isn't it? If they were to regain everything, you, who should have been his most treasured child, would gain nothing.

SHOULD have been his most treasured child...? I'm probably reading WAAAY too much into this but there was a lot of strange converstation there.
But I get this text from a fansub so who knows *shrugs* I just think the "Envy used to be Hohenheim's child" theroy is an intresting one XD;;
Can anybody picture Envy with golden hair and eyes? *LOL*

I saw this theroy over at the FMA community a while ago and hey, they were right in guessing Lyra was Dante.

Either way I wanna learn more about Envy and his connection to Hohenheim.

Oh and if ya wanna know all the talking before those scenes was just Izumi talking about Dante to Ed and giving Ed a 400 year old love letter written from his father to Dante :p Somehow Ed seems to be catching onto the fact that Dante is leading the Homunculus, well at least the thought has crossed his mind...
Lust doesn't trust Dante at all so that's why she attacks Wrath because she believes Dante won't turn them human and just wants the stone for herself, so she hopes that Ed will turn her human.
The Nina Chimera turned into a real human is souless which I could tell on the raw ;_; Poor Nina...
Then Sloth says soemthing along the line of "We can't let the philosopher's stone erode anymore!" That must be why it's purple...
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