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Envy doesn't like me...

I should be stopped from drawing at 2am in the morning but what can I say I couldn't resist drawing this XD

Chibi Ninja Envy!

But as you can tell I don't think Envy liked my drawing very much XD;; But he looks so cuuute X3
Maybe I'll ink and colour the chibi Ninja Envy later today ^^ Hehehe!
I should do the other Homunculus as Chibi Ninjas too XD

Thanks to Nicole yesterday she gave me the link to an AWESOME new art place, much better than DA as it firstly allows adult art (*That's a plus for the Yaoi artists that recently got kicked off DA*) but also it's layout was less morbid, but now I can't get onto it ;_; http://www.sheezyart.com/ it is at this address anyway ^^

I need to get ready to go into town....
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