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Wrath goes bouncy bouncy! Wheeeeee!

First of all for Naruto it's lovely too see we're back in Konoha and getting to see some of the other characters again, like Hinata and Shikamaru X3

NAURTO: "Hey Shikamaru! They're selling p0rn picture of you on the Internet!"
SHIKAMARU: "Whaaaa...!?!"

Poor Konohamaru was angsting through most of the episode, most hillarious part of the episode though was when he runs face first into...
....Tsunade's breasts XD And he's all like "These smell good.." and then proceeds rub his face in them... *dies* The look Tsunade gives him is priceless!
Konohamaru is gonna grow into such a pervert when he's older XD
Konoha has a lot of perverted ninjas... XD

These images speak for themselves really

As for what happens, Tsunade heals both Sasuke and Kakashi (*Sakura hugging Sasuke was really kinda cute*)

SASUKE: - Huh...?

then she sees Lee and tells him how he should quit being a ninja as the only way to cure him is a surgery which is like 50/50 chance he'll be cured or die.
Poor Lee needs a hug :(

In the next episode we get more Konohamaru angst! XD

As for FMA it was mostly talk for the first half and no real action, I'll probably do a better summary when I get the sub.

As for the second half that was much better, especially homunculus wise XD For yes it is the return of ENVY and what a return he does, he struts in kinda like he owns the place then freaks out after many words are spoken and throws a tantrum like a 5 year old!
Temper! Temper! Dear Envy...
He tackles Pride then something Dante says REALLY pisses him off and makes quite a large dent in the floor by punching it.

PRIDE: - "I'm not arguing with a temper like THAT!"

DANTE: - "Please Envy....I just had that floor fixed...

Yep Envy needs anger Management classes, can't wait until the sub comes out, I wanna know what pisses Envy off so much.

Meanwhile Lust and Sloth are talking in a room while Wrath is behind them jumping on the bed and being all uber cute X3 Then when Sloth gets his attention he goes and hugs her...
....hard to believe that in less than 5 minutes he'll be back to his little psycho self again.

WRATH: - "Bouncy! Bouncy!"


"Awww, I don't wanna stop my bouncing, it's fun :( "


Seems Lust maybe changing sides, or looks like it, after all she attacks Wrath O_o; Wrath then manages to pararlyze her with the necklace that Scar once had but then Ed ends up saving her from him and takes the locket so Lust is able to spear Wrath with her extendable nails one RIGHT through the forehead too O_O; Though Wrath is in the preview for the next episode so he ain't dead XD

Meanwhile Tucker uses the Philosopher's Stone in Al to make his Nina Chimera into an actual girl then Sloth appears and we see a hole in Al's side and it's all....purple... O_o; Eeep!

Seems like Sloth might meet her end in the next episode, or at least it has Wrath looking all devistated before he kneels in a pool of blue water O_O;;

*Shivers* It's gone really cold in the house now ;_;
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