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Firefighter fun!

Well first of all I've found out exactly what I have which has been making feel so off these past few days, I have some white spots on my throat inside my mouth, which means I have a throat infection, quite possibly tonsilitis XD
My head didn't feel too bad at first but by the end of the opening ceremony of the Firefighter Games thing I went too today I was having lovely pain all over my head ;_;

Talking of the firefighter Games thing it was fun ^^ Seeing so many people from so many different parts of the world. The thing ended in Peace Gardens which is just a like Garden thing in the middle of Sheffield and even though it wasn't open to members of the general public (*Who had to stand outside the garden*) me and my dad were given passes by one of his work mates so we got into it ^^ YAY!

It was a bit annoying how I kept running out of space on my camera....I need a memory card for it. Now I think I might go and lay down while FMA episode 46 downloads....
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