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Oh so very acctident prone....

Y'know...only I could end up destroying a till at work...
...yep I destoryed one O_O;

Ya see while seving one customer I acctidently broke a bottle of beer with a bottle of cider and even though we got it cleaned up it seems the beer kinda got into the till so about 15 minutes later just as I was waiting for it to spit out a reicept for another customer I get a message on the screen "PRINTER ERROR" I'm all like "Printer Error...? Shouldn't be doing that..." I turn to look at the printer then turn back to the screen only to find it was blank...
Yep I acctidently fried the till with beer so it had completly shutdown XD;;
There's me calling for the supervisor and hitting keys on my keypad and it just wouldn't work.
Turns out I'll now need to ask for a new sign on number next time I work...which is a week on Sunday XD

Other than that my throat and stuff has been driving me up the wall today, it really felt awful ;_; It wasn't like my actual throat was sore but around my glands it was...and now I have a headache and my actual throat is being all itchy...
....so yeah I've either got an infection or it's the beginings of a really bad cold...

Oh well....it gave me an excuse to buy ice-cream X3 I bought the type that's quite expensive too XD It's nice though, hehehe!
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