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Hahaha! I'm an idiot XD

I can't believe I just did that....
....there I am rushing around trying to get something to eat and stuff before work and while sat here on the computer I suddenly realized...
....I'm not at work until 4pm today XD I dunno why I thought I was going at 2pm, I guess cos I went at 2pm for the last two days *lol* I'm silly.

Hopefully I'll be going to Sheffield with my dad tomorrow! There is some kind of thing happening called the world Firefighter Games. They're gonna have like this opening ceremony thing tomorrow and are gonna have this like parade thing in a way....except there won't be floats and stuff XD
I'm taking my camera so I'll get some photos *lol*

Then I'm gonna drag dad into the Sci-fi store there X3 It's unfortunate the one in Sheffield is uber small but I once got a chibi Inuyasha plushie from it XD

Hummm which reminds me, I must text Helen to see if she's able to go to Nottingham sometime next week... they have two sci-fi stores (*Hehehehe!*)

Well I hope I can go to these places....I still feel like crap...
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