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Yugioh 219 - My real name is Pharaoh Funny Drawings!

So we start off this episode with just Atemu and Zork...one short Pharaoh and a huge big ass monster with a disturbing crotch towering above him... a scene cannot get any weirder than that....
....okay unless you add Peagasus dancing around wearing a bunny costume now THAT would be weird...
....even more weird would be kaiba doing it...
....WTF am I talking about!?

Anyway Atemu shouts at Zork then just falls over, poor guy...then as Zork powers up what almost looks like a red Rasengan in his hand Atemu shouts "AIBOU!!!!"
Awww, so cute X3


Zork gets ready to unleash his attack when he's disturbed by 4 flying glowworms... well actually it's Yugi and co but compaired to him they really do look like glowing insects.
So Zork just throws the red Rasengan (*Which I will now call it*) at them but misses XD

YUGI - "Hey! Big scary monster down there! We're trying to find our way to Never Never land but got lost...could you help us?"

Seeing Yugi all cute and badass is so adorable X3 He has a Duel Disk appear on his arm then he's all like "Let's go Zork!" and releases the Dark Magician (*Who is still all Mahaado like ^^*)
Anyway Joey releases the Red Eyes Black Dragon, I have NO idea what Tristan's monster is called but Tea releases the fire sorcerer and Zork's reaction is:
Plain and simple!
Then those funky looking henchmen turn into funky looking ghost monsters that just won't stay destroyed.
Then Mana sends the Dark Magician Girl in giving Yugi and co a chance to get to Atemu.

When they get to him I think Atemu asks about his name but I don't believe Yugi and co know it, especially since Yugi apologizes to him.
That's kinda sad ;_;
So they continue their assult on Zork but the assult is on them. Tristan and Joey's monster's are first to go, giving them those Heart attack looking reactions as they lose life points. Then Tea's monster is the next to go...
The dark magiaican and dark magician girl try and attack Zork but with no effect, then Zork roasts them both making little Yugi scream and Mana collapse.

ATEMU - "Tristan....I told you those hamburgers would come back to haunt you...."

Yugi then starts mouthing off to Zork, it's pretty funny to see XD Yugi is so cute when he's all uber pissed off XD


Then Tea notices Atemu still has that neaklace thing she gave him and so everyone places their hands on top of each others and er....think really hard? And as Kaiba wakes up (*Yeah he's still there*) the inscription of Atemu's name starts to appear on the neaklace.
Anyway Zork fires at them but kaiba protects them by calling some kind of wierd thing out, but the force is so strong it gets by it, but Zork hasn't won as Atemu's shadow appears in the dust and it reveals him with his full name inscribed on the neaklace ^^ YAY!


Everything gets all shiney and then Atemu holds up the neaklace and calls out his own name.

(*For people who may have been unsure on how to pronounce his name I believe now that the normal way to pronounce it would be "A-TEM" where as it's pronounced "A-TEM-OO!" in Japanese... I still want to spell it with the "U" though cos it's looks more fun spelled that way*)

ANyway three beams of light shoot from yugi's deck and resurect the Three Gods, then they kinda....merge to become a pretty lady with lotsa gold like things on her (*Including golden wings*) Zork groans in pure fear of the light admitting from this XD HA HA! Zork attemts one last grab at Atemu but he dissapears just before he gets to grab in HAHAHAHA!
I still don't get how three huge fugly monsters joined together to make one so pretty looking... O_o;

With the destruction of Zork the chaos in the real world stops.

Atemu thanks everybody and Joey calls him "Atemu-Kun!" Awwwww. Then Kaiba seems to get pissy....but when is he ever NOT pissy.

Sometime afterwards Atemu talks to Priest Seto (*Who is magically restored by the way!*) and Ya know, with them standing next to each other Atemu really seems like a shrimp compaired to him XD

SETO - "Did any one ever tell you that you're a shrimp...?"
ATEMU - "Yes....many times..."

So then he hands over the role of Pharaoh to Seto, hands his Millennium Puzzle to him then goes all see through and ghost like and joins Yugi and co....then they fly away XD Mana shouts farewell to Atemu....that's so sweet!

Eeee! Looks like next week might be the start to the Atemu/Yugi duel....or at elast the lead up too it...
OMG! Like 4 or so more episodes and the whole season will end ;_;
Guess we still have genex... but....no more Atemu (*WHAAAA!*)
We must cherish these next 4 or so episodes! For it will be the last of such a good season.

I am SO gonna cry at the end of this all, I cried at the end of the manga so i will most likely cry at the end of the anime ;_;

And that's me done for today!
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