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I think I'm going insane XD

I had my dad check just behind my ear for the lump I swear is there but yet he can't feel it either, what's worse is that I keep getting small twinges of pain in the left side of my head which ranges from the neck up to the top of my head, it's especially in my ear I've felt that a lot today. It reminds me of when I had a bad mouth ulcer once on that side, it affected it and kinda made it feel a lot like it does now, so maybe if something is there it'll just be an infection maybe....who knows...it might be caused by an ear infection or maybe even my Wisdom Teeth which the dentist said expects to come through this year (*Yeah I don't have them yet and the dentist seemed pretty suprised about it back in May when I had my checkup*)

So I decided I'll see how it goes over the weekend and if I'm still getting these bizarre pain twinges I'll go up to the doctor Monday or Tuesday and make an appointment.

It's either an infection or Togepi is going insane, either way.

Maybe while I'm there I'll ask if they just do genreal checkups, cos I could use it XD

Finally getting to download Yu-Gi-Oh! I'll do a review and screenshots here soon ^^
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