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Adventures with Amazon Parcels!

YAY I got the rest of my stuff from Amazon today....after much panicing if I'll ever get them. I came hope to see one of those lovely "We've been to deliver your parcel but you weren't in" notes and on it it said they would try and deliver it 2 more times before it goes back to the local delivery place then if it hasn't been collected after a week it goes back to amazon ;_;

I went over to my mum's house and asked if she could sit and wait in the house tomorrow t see if it comes but turns out the guy tried again top deliver it while I was out and luckily my dad was in at that point *phew* but he didn't tell me it came straight away.....nooooo....he just had to elad me on, asking what I was gonna do about my parcel not being delivered ;_; I hate it when he does that....

But never mind I now have sweet sweet anime and manga!
I already watched an episode of Fruits Basket and I still believe Akito is a total ass....how DARE he whip Yuki when they were children! Bastard!
He's got such a mysterious and really scary feeling about him too O_O;
Well he's an ass but hey, I like his character overall....one that scares people, just by being there! Muwhahahaha!

I will go watch more episodes now X3
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