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"No Oberlisk! Don't destory the building!"

YAY! I finally got the Yu-Gi-Oh movie soundtrack in the post today! X3 *squeals and listens to "One Card Short"* What can I say I love the song! X3

It even had some compertition with it which gives you a chance to do a voice in a Yu-Gi-Oh episode XD *Annoying duelist #3 probably who has about 3 words to speak* But then I looked at the rules and guess what it said: "Open only to leagl U.S residents of the 50 States"
Yeah my soundtrack was an import from the US XD
I didn't win anyway, I had to put a number code into something online to see if was a winning number and it wasn't... for the best really *lol* I wouldn't have been upset if I had won but couldn't enter :p

Oh well I got a cool poster with the soundtrack anyway X3

Talking of Yu-Gi-Oh I had a real bizarre Yu-Gi-Oh dream this morning....actually Yu-Gi-Oh was only one small part of it.

There was some girl who was giving out Millennium Items, naturally Yugi got the puzzle....but it was in some holder in the back of a truck XD This is in the middle of the town where I live by the way where most of my dream took place.
Anyway this girl places the rest of the Millennium Items on a bench (*Includes a Millennium Scarf and Millennium Boots*) And she walks off for a minute, while away Tea and Mai take some of the Millennium Items and run off XD
The girl comes back and she's all like "Hey! Where are my items!!!"

Anyway afterwards she asks Yugi who the "Gods" should be (*Seems like she's doing some kind of film production*) And Yugi says "Well how about the Gods!" Then Yugi raises his arms up into the air and the sky goes all dark and Oberlisk towers above everything (*Best imagery EVER, nothing like seeing a huge blue monster looking down at you, it was really scary...*) And everyone else are like "WTF is THAT!?!" and point up to it.
Then Oberlisk starts destorying a building while Yugi is franticlly trying to tell it to stop XD Then Silpher and Ra appear and join in and Yugi just covers his face with his hand in embarassment! HA!
There was a graveyard on the other side of the road behind the building....creepy...
I got some dream deja vu AGAIN aswell, in the dream I through of a place that apparently used to be near this graveyard, it was like just some kind of place surrounded by a wall and just had bare dirt in it, like no grass or flowers...
...honestly I get this a lot, getting deja vu in dreams, as if I've dreamed of being at various places before... strange...

Another part of the dream I was walking through some park and it was raining, there were two paths, one was very pretty and covered over with trees the other was clear of trees. I wanted to walk down the path with the trees but something was stopping me, like I was unsure of it. So I walked down the clear path, but as I said it was raining, I felt the trees would provide better protection from the raindrops, but even when I tried to walk over to the other path I only got so far before I had second throughts again.

Yes I have the bizarrest dreams ever O_o;

Blah I have a long shift at work today -_-;;
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