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FMA 45 - Ed cosplays....again! XD

Seriously this series will reduce me to a quiverling mass by the time it's finished and all I'll be able to say is "WTF!?!"

So we have a LOT of talking between Hohenheim and Dante, seems like Hohenheim made a Philosopher's stone 400 years ago apparently (*Or so i've read*) and that's how he and Dante gained eternal life.
That aside, Dante's Background music theme still ROCKS and I WANT IT! Bring out the 2nd OST already! Me wants! Me wants!

Anyway Winry seems to be baking with Shieska, or whatever her name is and then the phone rings and they both freak out XD Kinda reminds me of my fear of phones *lol*
It seems to be Tucker on the other end of it.

When we see Ed he seems to be holding onto something in his pocket, no doubt soemthing he's dug up from his mother's grave.

There was a whole scene with Roy confronting the Fuhrer (*Ah I'll just call him Pride it's easier to spell*) about a few things, one being Juliet Douglas I believe, he comes out grinning and little tense and sweaty looking XD Lets not get any bad ideas from that shall we.
Anyway Hawkeye quickly mops his brow and....OMG! Now I'm getting Roy X Riza thoughts O_O;;;

Winry walks in on Ed who is sat on a bed in his underwear! YES for Ed Fanservice! X3 Then using alchemy he dyes his hair black (*Well it's more of a dark green, think of the colour Tracey from Pokémon's is and you pretty much get the colour Ed's hair is here. Dark Green/Black with a green shine to it...
Anyway this really impresses Winry. Then she screams cos Al surpises her cos Ed has desguised him as a statue...
Ya know if ya gave Ed a haircut and stuck a red headband on him....he would probably look a lot like Tracey O_O;
Anyway Ed giggles as Winry hides behind him XD

Then we see Ed and Al leave on a train (*Winry gives Sheiska a hug...kinda....but still....awwwww...*)
Then we see Ed in a trenchcoat and funky hat....also wearing shades...
WTF? Is he cosplaying as someone from a vampire anime or what? First thing that comes to mind is that dude from hellsing....I've never seen Hellsing....does that have to do with vampires? Cos Ed REALLY looks like a vampire here XD

Back with Dante and Hohenheim, Sloth walks down the stairs carrying Rose's baby and Hohenheim instantly reconizes her as Trisha, this ques some lovely and ADORABLE flashbacks of Trisha and Hohenheim with a little Ed and a baby Al X3 *squeals* You can feel the love!
And I want Ed to look like Hohenheim when he grows up XD Ed is cute now but be sexy when your older like dear daddy...
...okay yeah that's enough of me swooning over Hohenheim *coughs* ^^; Moooooving on...

I don't know what the HELL Dante does to Hohenheim but she reveals the baby has a transmutation circle on it's stomach...with the baby crying it kind of reminds me of the flashbacks in Naruto of ickle baby Naruto crying and the seal on his stomach....maybe Dante sealed Hohenheim within the navel of the baby so the baby can become an elite Ninja Alchemist and....
....yeah it's almost half past one in the morning and I'm giddy...

But anyway Dante activates the circle, throwing the child into the air and it brings Hohenheim to the gate of that "Truth" place O_O

Afterwards we get Wrath freaking out...showing us homunculus or not, he's still just a child. Hohenheim is now not there, although the baby is now back in dante's arms in which she gives back to rose....

Blah, blah, Ed and Al escape from the train they're on when it's invaded by the military (*Hahaha, they keep calling Ed a "small bean" XD*) Y'know ed looks strangly cute with his black hair....

Anyway as we come to near the end of the episode, Ed goes to see Izumi Sensei and Al goes to see Tucker...who's holding a Chiera girl...trying to recreate her as his daughter it seems.

In the next episode we have Ed VS Wrath and finally we have...
Dude where has he been...? O_o;

Hummm lotsa screenshots so I'll just post them now XD

"I'm kinda constipated right now...."

*Giggles like a school girl*

"I don't have a clue what anime I'm in any more..."

OMG! Teh cute flashback scenes X3

End of flashback scenes....see told ya it was cute X3

"For unknown to this child there is a 400 year old Alchemist sealed within his navel..."
Sorry but I like my bizarre strange and rather....well just plain odd idea on that XD


Awwwwww X3

Now follows Hellsing!Edward screenshots XD

He looks so funny here XD

Nina Chimera

And for the Ed fangirls!


And that concludes another anime rant ;)

I need to go to bed now XD Hahahaha!
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