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Dreams about Tornados O_o;

I had a really strange dream about a tornado this morning O_O;

I dreamt I was walking from town when the wind started getting up, to the point where I had problems walking. I looked up and there was the long funnel in the sky so I was like "Oh crap!" so I ran down this road to avoid it, but looking up it just kept getting nearer to me (*From my left side*) Then suddenly this other tornado comes out from this side road just ahead of me, it's not very big width size so it goes straight past me but there is this roaring thudding sound and the road ahead of me just shakes... somehow I don't get blown away XD After it passes I just fall to my knees thinkng pretty much the same thing XD "I'm glad I didn't get blown away"

But damn it was a very weird dream indeed, I could feel the force of this wind somehow O_O; Scary, especially the bit where it passed me and everything got loud and shaky.
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