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Weirdness at Work...

Ya know for months now a certian guy at work has made the effort to talk to me pretty much everytime he sees me. To me that's great, I'm glad people try and talk to me as I very rarely can start off a conversation but to me this guy doesn't act the same around me as he does around other people at work, I'm sure of it...
... he acts almost as if he's nervous to talk to me, like he doesn't know what to say so ends up saying something that sounds rather silly.

Then these past few weeks I think he's made hints that he likes me, but me being me I pretend I don't catch onto them ^^; A few weeks ago he said something about maybe one day we'd get together and today he said as I was walking into work that if he wasn't married he'd be intrested in me (*Okay can't remember the exact words of what he said but that's the jist of it, but what he said was a little more....vauge...*) I didn't even know he was married, I knew he had a girlfriend but married!?
That comment today really made me think "WTF!?!"
Then there was all his quotes of how I was the "Queen of the BWS aisle" XD;;
Embarassing but kinda funny too.
So yes it almost seemed like he was trying to flatter me with those quotes.

But as much as all this is kinda sweet in a rather bizarre way I personally don't see him as a possible love intrest, more as a friend, plus I refuse to be a person who's the reason of a reletionship break - up -_-;;
It's just unlucky for him, if this is all true, that he likes an anime loving computer geek who currently couldn't care less about romantic reletionships, I see them as nothing but a lot of bother at the moment.

Though I could be reading too much into it, but it's just the way he acts around me really, plus those so called "Hints" then again I haven't seen him too often when he communicates with other people but the few times I have he talks normally to them.

As I said it's weird...It's like I get the feeling he wants to say more than he does XD;;
Though I'll just continue to giggle off what he says as if it were a joke. That way I hope it tells him I have no intrest that way ^^;

Life is confusing huh?

Also I still feel I need a job I don't suck at.....well actually I need more confidence, that's what gets me on the checkouts, it's so people orintated, your focused on them all the time and there's a lot of things you have to do which requires me to have confidence to do....talking to the customer is one. Ysterday I had some evanluation done on me and even though I was polite and said all the right things I was told I needed to make converstation with the customer...
...so we're talking about me trying to start an actual converstation with someone I don't know....
....yeah like THAT is gonna happen -_-;;

I dunno maybe my confidence will build but I swear that my confidence can only reach a certain point before it stops and it's not very high. Yes I can do things now which I didn't dare do before I had the job but still even after a year of being there I still have a confidence problem...and I really really hate it. My low confidence is the one thing I truely hate about myself...
...after all what job is there where I wouldn't need much confidence...
...yeah that's it....NONE!

Hey look Togepi ranted! YAY ME!
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