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Naruto 97 - Naruto's steamy vacation! ;)

With a title as "Naruto's steamy vacation" I can't help but laugh and take it the wrong way XD

So the filler episodes start and what better episode to do than have the group stop off at a hot spring pretty much saying sucks to the people in Konoha who need Tsunade's help (*Kakashi and Sasuke*) Well Naruto and Jiraiya remember that the leaf needs them, but Tsunade convinces Jiraiya with the fact that it's "Mixed bathing"

The storyline for this rather bizarre episode is that Tsunade apparently owes some money to some people and there are two people who have come to collect it. First they steal the nekelace to attract Tsunade, though instead they got Naruto, then naruto works with them after feeling sorry for them that they can't go back to their village until they get the money so they work out a "Naruto has been kidnapped" plan.
Shizune sees the ransom note and decides to desgise herself as Tsunade to try and save Naruto.....and it all just gets weird from there when Naruto tries to steal some suitcase tsunade has he thinks has a lot of money in it XD

In the end it turns out Tsunade paid the debt off anyway.

Best part of the episode was Jiraiya who patiantly keeps waiting for some young looking ladies to join him in the hot spring....but all he gets are Female Monkeys, Men and old ladies XD

Yes with those screenshots alone you can tell it was a damn weird episode O_o;

Next episode is apparently called "Quit being a Ninja! Tsunade's notice!" ....sounds like another filler O_o; There wasn't even an actual preview of it either...or maybe that's just cos the raw ANBU used cut it out *Shrugs* Who knows...
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