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Yu-Gi-Oh 218 - I now have new respect for Kaiba! YAY!

I think Atemu and Bakura were practising to be Izumi from FMA today, both ended up throwing up blood (*Hummm, that's something I didn't want to write at nine in the morning after eating breakfast*) XD

After Zork and his disturbing crotch of doom carries on smashing the God's still sand sculpture like figures Atemu collapses and all the palace guards run like pansies leaving just him, Mana and Seto. Mana goes to take Atemu back to the palace while Seto faces off against Zork with none other than the Blue Eyes White Dragon, who does well and manages to dismember one of Zorks arms but then Zork catches the BEWD regrows his arm, turns both the BEWD and Seto to sand then breaks off the BEWD's head....lovely...
(*I must note that when Zork grabs hold of the BEWD, he grabs hold of it with his disturbing crotch...YAY!*)
....not sure if Seto is dead right now, he might just be a sand sculpture until Zork is destoryed...
....either that or all the priests are now gone O_O;

So Zork gets into the city and starts rampaging like all good monsters do. Kaiba stands on top of a house then looks down to see two children (*Who look bizarrly like a little Priest Seto and a little Mokuba XD*) who are running from Zork, the little Mokuba looking child screaming about how scared he is, poor thing.

This is where Kaiba gets into action, he jumps off the roof in front of Zork trying to protect the children as they run away, giving me much more respect for Kaiba.
But Zork roasts the children ;_;
So yes Kaiba gets rather pissed, does a rather awkward pose then a duel disk magiclly appears on his arm.

He calls out one Blue eyes then calls out the other two, which it seems are Kisara and Priest Seto.
Yes the battle between the two is awesome X3

Back with Little Yugi, we're reminded what happened last week when he called out the big alien looking Christmas tree dragon monster which shot lotsa lasers at the parasite Bakura YAY! Then to follow up Yugi has his Silent Swordman, or whatever it's called, to attack Bakura directly (*This is where he throws up blood... lovely huh XP*)then falls down to the floor after mentioning something about the pharaoh's Baa, afterwards Tristan appears ^^

They go outside and are cornered by those freaky people in the black cloaks. Tristan does the right thing and just runs straight towards one and tackles him off his horse XD Afterwards Duel disks appear on the arms of Joey and Tristan, after calling out some monsters then getting surrounded the group get all sparkly and fly away X3

Meanwhile Mokuba is flying to Egypt! YAY!

Back with Atemu he wakes up and notices Kaiba battling Zork. He uses the Millennium Scales to restore his health then jumps off the Palace balcony in his true Egyptian action hero like way X3

Then they somehow fuse to become er...I think Atemu says "Master of Dragon Knight" errr....whatever I don't know these monsters names very well but Atemu's outfit is funny on him X3

They attack Zork but dum dum duuuuuuuuuuum.....
....it didn't WORK!

Then Zork goes to attack Atemu, Shadi (*The spirit one not the Preist*) seems to transfer his spirit into Hassen who protects Atemu. His mask gets destoyed in the attack and Atemu sees that it's Shadi. Then he dissapears while Atemu is going "Shadi! Shadi!"
WTF? Are they now killing people who are already dead!?! Geez strange show this is....

And we end with Yugi and co flying towards Atemu X3

Only one question....
...where in the hell did Kaiba dissapear off too....again O_o;

Looks like Atemu finally gets to learn his name in the next episode, since it is called "Pharaoh's name" or something like that X3 YAY!

Now I must get ready for work...
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