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First day at the checkouts....

Togepi needs a job she doesn't suck at...

Ah, it was my first day as a full checkout type person at work...by the end of it I felt a little of that sense of uselessness I often got during my early days on the wine aisle, I guess cos there's a few things I'm unsure of -_-;;
Then at almost 10pm just before I was about to leave we had one remaining customer, and I was the only cashier on, this customer ended up having a magazine that wouldn't show up on the system and some yogerts that were leaking....great...
...and I couldn't get anybody's attention to help me with them as they were all too busy yapping amongst themselves and I'm not a person who can shout out to get their attention -_-;;;

But at least I got my highlight of the day at the end of it when I saw a cute widdle baby bunny in the carpark while waiting for my dad X3 My GOD it was so adorable! Eventually I had to move closer to it so it would hop into the bushes as I didn't want anyone to run over it (*squeals*) It was so tiny too that's what makes me thing it was a baby rabbit, or at least a young one X3

Oh well one day down 5 more to go before my next full day off XD Yipieeeeee....
At least I'll soon have a week off work ^^ Hopefully my dad and I can actually have a good go at finsihing the spare room >_
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