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My dad has a pretty new phone!

My dad is amazed with his new phone XD He keeps finding things about it then keeps calling me to take a look *lol*
I didn't get to go to Toys R Us but good thing really, I spend a lot when I'm there XD But I did managed to find the second volume to "Rave Master" in Meadowhall so I'm happy ^^

Somebody posted screenshots of the Yugioh Movie on Janime's message board, I couldn't resist making these icons from a few of them.
So with a big thanks to Noah from that board I present three new LJ icons!

I need to go through the gallery again and get some more. Unfortunatly they're obviously rather low quality pictures since they were taken from a download that was on the internet in which somebody filmed in the cinema O_O; I don't really agree with that, not if it's a film that's easilly avaliable to most people but it happens I guess *shrugs* Not much difference to me getting downloads of FMA, Naruto, the Yu-Gi-Oh TV show really XD I can only just not download the thing myself, I can wait for the DVD, plus the film is much better in the cinema anyway XD

Least it lets us have some pretty pictures *dies over the cuteness of Toon Dark Magician Girl*

I need to go and ink up a picture I did of Yugi and Atemu earlier today...
....somebody needs to tell Atemu that his design is really hard to draw ;_; Curse all his gold bangle-y like things...
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