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They could have told me ;_;

Whaaaa, they could have told me that the charity shop was closed today ;_; (*For those who don't know I volenteer in a Charity shop every Tuesday afternoon*) but one person I usually work with was off today (*On holiday*) and I guess they couldn't find anyone else to work with me (*shrugs*) usually another lady works Tuesday afternoons but she can't work the till I believe. I rang the doorbell incase she was upstairs waiting for me to come so we could open up but nope, no one answered.
If the shop was going to be shut it would have been nice for somebody to tell me ;_; Oh well I guess I got some excersise walking down there and back, but I got rather wet on the way back as it started raining...

But on the plus side my dad asked me last night if I wanted to go to Meadowhall tonight ^^ He wants to look at phones as he's thinking of getting a new mobile, but I also need to go to the retail park to get the newest Norton Anti-Virus, as much as I can afford to pay for updates I don't have anything to pay with so I just need to get the new one so I can have free updates for a year again.
I wonder if I can persuade him to go into Toys R Us... XD What? I wanna see if they have the Marik figure I'm after.
I guess it depends on the time we get there really and knowing my dad it will be late.
If not I could always drag him into "The last Picture show" shop in meadowhall, not sure if they'll have any different mangas there since Saturday though...I wouldn't mind getting more volumes of "Rave Master" X3
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