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Pokémon Shounen-Ai?

So yep after many many MANY hours of waiting for it to download I FINALLY got the newest pokémon episode. To me it had potential to be a bit more emotional but hey this is Pokémon we're talking about.

So Pikachu did lose it's memory like I guessed last week it would. Very very predictable story line really and there is NO other way Pikachu would join up with Team Rocket if it still remembered who Ash was.

Anyway both Team Rocket and Team Twerp got blasted to the skies with Pikachu ending up with Meowth and of course Pikachu doesn't remember anything, which Meowth seems to use to his advantage (*We see a lot of clips of Meowth's "Inner self" talking*) The bit that got me the most is one part where Meowth seems to be brooding by a riverside before Pikachu comes up and gives him a whole apple, despite the fact that Pikachu has nothing to eat. So Meowth gets all tearful and breaks the apple in two for them to share.

This episode reminds me a lot of the "Bound for Trouble" episode where Meowth and Pikachu were bound together and all on their own X3
Anyway later on they also willingly hold hands and they look oh so HAPPY!

Once they reach Jesse and James they introduce themselves to a clueless Pikachu....then the scenes get all sparkly, like they all took happy drugs. With that Pikachu chases them playfully in their happy land...

Until Ash and co turn up that is.
But poor Pikachu, so much more familiar with Team Rocket right now willingly takes orders from them to attack Ash, who is rather very confused and upset about this, then Team rocket try a getaway on their balloon but Ash grabs hold of it. In fear James orders pikachu to attack and they blow up the whole balloon.

Ash and Pikachu fall towards some water so Ash grabs Pikachu tightly before they hit it. Then Ash has cute little flashbacks of Pikachu, awwwwww X3

Soon it shows that Ash has been washed up on shore and to wake him up Pikachu licks his face. Seems like the little yellow rodent has it's memory back and then follows such a most adorable Ash and Pikachu hugging scene EVER! Pikachu even wipes his tears away X3

So at the end I am left thinking:
"Everybody loves Pikachu, but who will eventually win the rats love, Meowth or Ash?"

Oh and Professor Oak FINALLY stopped pimpin' the 7th movie and today he threatened a Flaffy with scissors (*Or more with bad hairstyles*) So the Flaffy shocked him XD
Still doesn't beat the Celebi that stole his mind and turned him into a frantic mess though.

Hummm, there's a storm outside but not sure if it'll actually hit us or not. I haven't heard it rumble for a while now...but best get off the computer just incase. My dad wants to go on the net anyway =p
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