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w00t! for strange FMA dreams!

I had a really strange FMA dream last night (*Thought I might of had a naruto one since Naruto was the last thing I watched before I went to bed*) I was in some city and I was looking for something, though I kept coming across things like clubs with funky dance mats O_O
Then Lyra (*Ah anyone who follows FMA will know who she really is*) found me and led me to this great big wooden gate, she opened it and it led into a big yard with this huge derelict looking house in front of us...I think some of the sins were in the yard, can't remember though.
Anyway Lyra leads me into the house and down dark corridors when we meet Sloth around the corner. I kind of backed off in shock and protectivly grabbed the wall and went "Mum?" So I think I was either Ed or Al in the dream, I felt quite young though so I think I was Al. (*I was Al for a brief moment in my last FMA dream too*) Though here I was a human Al.

Kinda weird huh?

Hopefully in 6 Hours I'll have the newest pokemon episode X3

Stupid slow mIRC...
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