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Ranting as usual...

Blah, why in the hell does my dad just get suddenly pissed over everything. He was just finishing the dinner earlier and showuted me, I didn't quite hear him so asked if he was talking to me and he snapped my damn head off. When I went downstairs i asked him what was wrong and he was all like "I'm doing everything!" *Whine, whine, bitch, bitch*
If he meant dinner then how in the HELL does he expect me to help with it >_< I'd just get in the damn way!

Seriously if he gets THAT stressed over something so damn small he can always stop making these dinners and such, I'm perfectly capable of feeding my damn self....plenty of frozen stuff in the freezer.

Didn't help that I just had to have him kill a spider in my room ;_; I hate those damn things, and it was a fast one too...blah...
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