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Yu-Gi-Oh/FMA fanfic!? O_O

I finally got writing the FMA/Yu-Gi-Oh (*Aswell as other anime*) crossover fic.

p>Yu-Gi-Oh/FMA fic (*With
other anime's in between*)

If your both an FMA/Yu-Gi-Oh fan and have some time, please give chapter one a read and comment back with any Questions, comments, suggestions. It's an AU fic, the two shows were easier to mix up like that. Warning I do give out the ending of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga since I kept most of the Yu-Gi-Oh storyline but this takes place after it.

There's still a lot I'm unsure on.... O_o; I just wrote this first chapter on just a random wim *lol*

This first chapter will most likely be boring....lots of explaining and such, but I needed to build up a small bond between Yugi and Ed before I get to the actual proper storyline... which also is still in the "I'm thinking out it" phase.
Although the Yu-Gi-Oh movie gave me some ideas.
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