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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Review - Or how Pegasus endorses Kaiba bashing!

Yes everyone I am back from my venture to see the Yu-Gi-Oh movie and I must say it is worth it, dub it may be but DAMN it is very very awesome! The animation is lovely and there are some hillarious moments and lines X3 So if your not bothered about spoilers follow the LJ cut and see my review!

Okay first before I start the review I must mention that, almost every freakin' character gets love except Bakura! We see brief shots of Mai, Weevil and Rex and even a brief shot of Marik (*Okay it was on a TV that was yappin on about Yugi and it was showing the bit where Marik handed over his God card to him*) None of them talk or do anything but still is a brief shot of Bakura too much to ask for ;_;
Poor guy is left out of so much....except when they need him to be evil...

Oh and I don't recall them mentioning the Shadow Realm at ALL during the movie... WTF? No mention of the Shadow Realm? What kind of dub movie was this!?!

Okay it was a GOOD movie, but I love the Shadow Realm and Bakura XD

So now onto the actual review!

We start off with the narrator explaining the whole story of how the brave pharaoh sealed the Shadow Games away 5,000 years ago for eternity, but as the Narrator put it "Even eternity can't last forever"

We cut to Yugi who's trying to solve the Millennium puzzle at his desk. Looking puzzled he continusly picks up some pieces of paper with diagrams and such then continues to try and put the puzzle together. In between these scenes we see a bunch of archeologists who uncover Anubis' tomb, but his casket thing is all chained up.

Anyway Yugi solves the puzzle and as he does soemthing in Anubis' tomb activates. A bunch of monsters come out of the puzzle and surround a rather freaked out little Yugi, especially when a rather vicious Kuriboh goes for him a couple of times. Then the pharaoh comes out and shouts "Shadow Beasts be gone!" and they go away. Afterwards Yugi just stands there and looks hella confused.

Anyway afterwards we cut to some announcer who is yapping on about how Yugi is the number one duelist at the moment, here is where we see Mai, Rex and Weevil just hanging about as the announcer on the TV continues about how Yugi won the Duelist Kingdom and most recently the Battle City tornements, most people think that his God cards are the ones that have risen him to fame.
A bunch of Duelists are like "Whaaa! I wanna have a go at getting the God cards!!"

Then there seems to be a battle between Kaiba and Yami, which had me in stitches as it seemed to be a battle of whoever could get their monster the strongest.
KAIBA: - I use Pomerlization (*Can't spell that word BTW*) to fuse together my Blue Eyes to become Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Whahahaha!!11"
YAMI: - Ah well now by sacrificing two of my three Gods I can make the remaining one (*Which was Oberlisk*) have infinate power! Hahaha!"

I forget what Kaiba did after that (*Those weren't exactly what they said either, it's just how I remember it in my amused mind*) anyway either way Kaiba lost and we find out it was all a simulation run by a bunch of people as Kaiba watches. They beg for another chance but he fires them XD Then tells Mokuba he knows who to turn too to find a way to beat Yugi's three God cards.

Anyway Yugi and co leave school and everyone seems to be in a hurray. They join the crowd but little Yugi can't see so pushes between his friends. That's when a bunch of Duelists see him, wanting a piece of him. Joey and Tristan agree to keep them busy while Tea escapes with Yugi.
Joey challanges the duelists and the biggest one releases Injection Fairy lily (*Is she the one who had her injection changed into a rocket in the dub series....if so it ain't a rocket here*) Anyway he has Injection Fairy Lily give Joey an injection up the ass XD Hillarious!

Pegasus is definitly a highlight of the movie! I forgot how awesome that guy was and here he's even more awesome in the movie.
We first see him asleep in his bed while a strange figure walks across his room and puts a card into his deck. Pegasus has some kind of nightmare and wakes up. He walks over to the window and says "That's it! No more White Wine spritzers before bed for me!" Then he says that even though he doesn't have his Millennium Eye anymore he can still sense that something bad is going to happen.

Anyway Kaiba heads off in his Blue eyes jet and visits Pegasus, who is sat by a pool excepting a red wine spritzer (*Which honestly makes me think Pegasus is a happy alcoholic*) Then he sees Kaiba's reflection in the glass and he's all like "Well if it isn't Kaiba Boy!" I think he mentions something about being his friend and Kaiba is all like "Pah! We've never been friends!" Then there's yet another hillarious scene as Pegasus is all like "Oooh, looks like somebody could use a hug!" and Kaiba is all like "No thanks!"

Anyway Kaiba yaps on to pegasus about how he KNOWS he has a card to defeat the God Cards as he knows that pegasus wouldn't of let them out of his sight unless he had soemthing which could beat them. Pegasus beings bashing Kaiba over his numorus defeats by Yugi which is quite funny as Pegasus really takes every chance he gets to bash Kaiba XD But tells him he does have ONE card to help him but he won't give it to him.
Anyway Kaiba challenges Pegasus to a duel, waging his three Blue Eyes for it and Pegasus is all like "My, my, my, we ARE desprate!"
Couldn't have said it better myself! XD

The Duel between them is awesome as we have the return of TOON WORLD! And with it we get to see the most adorable thing ever!
If I hadn't of been in the cinema I would have squealed, she was so....damn....CUTE!
We gets to see the return of the toon Blue Eyes as well but it doesn't take kaiba long to defeat Pegasus, he then goes through his deck and then snaps that Pegasus had TWO cards to defeat yugi, not one. But Pegasus is all like "But I did only have one" ;_;

Anyway with Yugi and tea they both go into the museum since it's the last place the duelists would think to search for him and they see the mummy of Anubis and an item which looks like the Millennium Item only blue (*The Pyramis of Light*). They see Yugi's grandfather there and he reads a prohapcey to Yugi. Then Anubis' mummy goes all funky and Yugi has a vision of kaiba in trouble. Next thing he knows he's being woken up by Tea and in his dazed state he mumbles:
"Tea, would you read me the story about the bunny..."
*Dies laughing*
Anyway they soon relaize that Anubis' mummy and the pyramid of Light are gone.

Yugi runs out of the museum telling Tea and gramps that he thinks Kaiba is in trouble. He then runs into Mokuba who mentions that his brother wants to see Yugi straight away, so he gets in the limo.
Soon after Joey and Tristan see the limo with Yugi inside pull away from the games shop, so they follow.

At Kaiba Corp on the way up to Kaiba's duel dome Yugi turns into Yami and they face kaiba as Joey and Tristan also arrive. Yami yaps on about how they shouldn't duel as he can sense soemthing else at work but as usual, Kaiba won't listen.

Lotsa, lotsa dueling...can't remember half of it so I'll skip to when Kaiba activates the first of the two cards he took of pegasus...the Pyramid of Light card. This card creates a Pyramid around Kaiba and Yami. Also it pulls Yugi, Joey and Tristnas spirits into the Millennium puzzle.

Yugi wakes up and reconizes the place as the place where "the pharaoh lives" so starts going through every door shouting for the Pharaoh, but can't find him (*By this time Joey and Tristan have also woken up and when Yugi cries "PHARAOOOOOH!!!!!" they hear him and start to look for him*)

Yugi spots a shadowy figure of the pharoah and follows it until he reaches what they call "Anubis' tomb" where he proceeds to get chased by Zombie mummies. He screams and runs past Joey and Tristan who are both like "Huh?" and Yugi is all like "Talk later! RUN NOW!" That's when they see the Zombie mummies and run too XD

Back with the duel a lot more stuff happens which I can't remember which incudes a scene which actually made me stare at the screen and think "OMG! WTF? In the DUB!?!"
Ya see Kaiba keeps summoning this freaky clown thing (*Nah not Sagie or however you spell it, it's another freaky clown thing*) and the first time he summons it he orders it to attack Yami with a dagger and it actually STABS YAMI. Okay so you only see it as a shillouete and you don't see any blood but you can clearly see the dagger go through Yami O_O And I'm all like "They do THAT but when it comes to guns they'll edit them into a finger....WTF?"
Would have been better with blood though XD You can tell they tried to go as all out as they could in this movie.
Anyway then Kaiba at some point summons the Blue eyes Shining Dragon, I forget half the stuff which happend in the duel XD
Oh one thing I do remember is that everytime they lose life points they lose a bit of their life energy which is fed to Anubis.

Back with yugi and co they have out run the Zombie Mummies and then they look down and see huge replicas of the Puzzle and Pyramid of Light kind of...merging. Or as Joey puts it "Looks like that other one is beating the crud out of your puzzle!" then they see a glowing red gold eye (*Ya know like the eye symbol on the Millennium Items*) above them and Tristan is all like "Fighting Pyramids and floating eyes? Great..."

Yugi comes to the conclusion that they HAVE to go back to Anubis' Tomb so they do, but on the way Yugi starts to feel weak (*Since the pharaoh is losing his life energy*)then they see a stream of the life energy and follow it to Anubis' tomb. I believe at this point they are shown a vision by Anubis of what the future will be like once he defeats the Pharaoh....lotsa monsters wiping the world of people...
...why do these super villans always decide to wipe out all other life on the planet when they take it over....won't they get lonely?
Oh well, then they get surrounded by zombie mummies again.

Anyway turns out that Anubis was using Kaiba as his dueling bitch all along, "whispering into his ear" as he so puts it, but some of Anubis' commands Kaiba ignores due to his utter stubborn-ness. Kaiba wants to destory the Pyramid of light card to draw out Yugi's God cards and use them against him for the perfect victory. Anubis still needs the card, but kaiba ignores him and goes to have the Blue Eyes Shining dragon destory it, but even after attacking....it is still there.

That's when Anubis lets himself known, speaking to Kaiba and Yami, telling them how he used Kaiba. Then he appears behind Kaiba and throws him to one side, knocking him unconcious. Now Anubis is in place of Kaiba.

Anyway something happens to make the Dueling dome become unsable but pegasus arrives in his helicopter to save Mokuba (*Plus Tea and Gramps since they arrives at some point*) Soon after Tea seems to see her friends in trouble so stands up on the helicopter ready to jump off O_O; The other's grab her but her spirit is pulled into the puzzle as well.

She appears in Anubis's tomb all sparkly and does one of her wonderful friendship rants. Then Anubis gets pissed and Tea stops floating and being sparkly, she falls and as she does she does this spinning kick and knocks the head off two of the zombies. She lands on the floor and freaks out when the head of ones falls beside her and a hand of a zombie falls onto her shoulder. Joey and Tristan decide to kick some zombie butt, but they find out the hard way that defeating zombie mummies aren't that easy. Tristan gets his foot stuck in the stomach of one and Joey finds out if you kicks their heads off, they still chanse you XD

Anyway Yugi sees the red glowing eye above Anubis' casket and figures out the prophacy. He runs ove rot the casket and searches for a "The dagger of fate" I believe it was called. He throws it at the eye but instead of bedding it's self into it all it does is hit it and falls to the floor. Yugi is all like "Awww, man" ;_; Then a zombie mummy comes up beind him, it's at this point the Eye cracks.

Back at the duel Yami sees a weakness in the Pyramid of light card, uses monster reborn to sunnom the Blue Eyes shining Dragon and destorys the card. This sets free the spirits of Yugi and his friends.
I believe he then uses some other card that lets him summon a monster last used by kaiba which was the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and I think he uses that to defeat (*Or think he defeats*) Anubis (*Can't remember exactly how it went*) Afterwards yami reverts back to Yugi and he goes over to see if Kaiba is okay, or course Kaiba is all like "Meh don't need your help!"

Then Anubis returns and turns into this huge REAL monster and starts balsting things. Yugi's friends and co make a quick escape leaving Yugi and Kaiba to deal with Anubis. Kaiba throws yugi the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon card and together Yugi and Yami call it out and call out it's attack destorying it for good.

Afterwards we get some more Kaiba bashing by Pegasus, Kaiba being all "Humph! You know I would have won" before walking off and we end with Yugi and a friendship rant of his own ^^
EDIT: Oh almost forgot to include one of the lines Kaiba said before he walked off:
"Don't give me any of that friendship bull!" He actually said "Bull" *dies laughing* Can't believe I forgot to mention that.

One Card Short is still the most awesome of Yu-Gi-Oh dub songs!

And that's the end of my review X3 Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh by the way I didn't get in for a child (*Darn*) and they had no cards, so I didn't get a free card either ;_; but never mind.
By the way, I was the ONLY adult in the cinema who didn't have a child trailing behind with them XD (*Does a "V" sign*) My dad called me sad when I told him that but I think it's funny XD

After the movie I did some shopping. Bought two mangas (*A Digimon Adventure one and one called Rave Master, I wanted to know what it was like*) I also got some new Pokémon Advanced figurines and some drawing stuffs (*In which I drew an angsty Yugi pic on the train with, need to finish it and ink it to colour.*)
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