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I am the Greaaaat Pretender~!

I wonder why so many people think the characters in the "Yugioh Genex" picture are the children of the previous characters (*Or are some of the previous characters*) When really that's a whole bunch of rumors based on what people have been talking about. After all in one thread two people seem to believe one of the characters is Mokuba and one is Duke...
...O_o; I personally don't see the resembulence...
Besides as I pointed out in that thread Kaiba is in the picture and he looks no older than what he is in the show already, he just looks the same age :p

Oh well I think I'll get off the computer now, I don't want to acctidently come across something about the movie, I don't want to spoil it for myself XD I want to have fun and find out what happens on my own. Best go to bed early as I have to catch a pretty early train tomorrow O_O;
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