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Naruto 95/96 and Yu-Gi-Oh 217 - Let's all kick some ass!

So Naruto this week has a special named "The Sannin go wild" special....or something close to that anyway XD This was two episodes concluding the whole Sannin arc, which meant a lot of Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru ass kicking action X3
Although the one to completly kick ass was Tsunade, towards the end of the episode she was giving one HELL of a beating to Orochimaru, which was just hillarious!

And yes....he ran away from her XD All hail Tsunade the super bitch of doom!!!

Then we all get something for the Kabuto/Orochimaru fans XD Kabuto looked and sounded so cute here too *lol*

Plus Orochimaru's expressions were just freakin' hillarious! I must make icons of those!!

Then after the episode was a full length trailer of the movie....and it looks so damn cool *____* I love their outfits! Capes make everything look cool!

Well in the next episode looks like we get pointless hot spring fanservice XD And I guess we'll see if they did decide to do a filler arc for the series within the next few episodes. I think a filler arc would be cool, but it does delay the whole Sasuke rescue mission (*Which the manga is on now*) and Chunnin!Shikamaru X3

Now Yugioh episode 217 and I must say that these past few episodes, seeing little Yugi duel on his own without Yami and such has been quite a lovely thing to see (*Especially when he's battling with the cutest monsters ever XD*)
Hey he's even got the Yami scowl down, he's been spending WAY too much time around his other self XD

Yes our little Yugi is growing up X3 So cute!
Anyway back to the RPG Memory game of doom, Atemu calls forth the three Egyptian Gods and they seem to do a good job kicking Zork and his disturbing crotch but then Zork destorys them *shrugs* Guess it was worth a try huh? XD
Although Zork destroying them seems to really do Atemu some damage O_O
Also before he even calls out the Gods RPG game Bakura and Yami seems to....fuse with Memory Atemu and Zork....very weird XD

But I think my favoruite part of the episode is back with the Bakura/Little Yugi duel. Yugi gets all uber cute and tearful, then is shown the events that are going on with Zork destorying the still sand like figures of the Egyptian Gods and Atemu not looking all that good. That gives him such a courage boost, he looks at the card he just drew and he gets a lovely confident "Hahaha! I'm SO gonna kick some ass with this card!" look *Squeals and huggles him*

Then he draws out the first non cute monster, which looks like a strange cross between one of those Aliens (*Er...from Alien*) and lights on a Christmas Tree.

And yes....Bakura gets royally screwed XD not sure if the duel is over just yet but Bakura certinly wasn't expecting that from little Yugi, he was all "WTF? NOOOOO!"

As for the next episode it still shows little Yugi with Bakura then bakura's face goes all "Urgh!" and his eyes turn weird.
Looks like he's trying to use "Byakugan" (*It's an advanced Bloodline eye technique in Naruto, and their eyes look similar to Bakura's when the Hyuuga clan use it XD*)


Oh and it looks like Kaiba is gonna do some dueling as you see him place the BEWD card onto a duel disk.

Yep if anything the duel will most definitly end next week and quite possibly the whole Memory will end either next week or the week after. Hopefully leaving plenty of time for the Yugi/Atemu duel, I'm SO looking forward to that X3 More little Yugi dueling action! w00t!

Wheeee! Can't wait to see the Yu-Gi-Oh movie tomorrow X3 I'll make sure to review it here for everyone X3 Hehehe! Then you'll know if it's worth the watch or not, I'm sure it will even if it's a dub thing, cos the dub can be cool too in it's own little way XD Shadow Realm rules damnit!
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