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It was there the whole time....

I borrows a Placebo album off my best friend some time ago but no sooner had I got it into my bedroom did I somehow lose it. I looked high and low but there was no sign, I even went as far as to think my brother might have taken it.

While clearing things out of my bedroom today I picked up a bunch of rather dusty papers from the top of some plastic storage drawers that I sit right next to when at the computer....
....under them was the Placebo CD...
...the whole damn time it was there, in such an OBVIOUS place...
....typical, ne?

EDIT: Holy crap! Just doing some research on when the Yu-Gi-Oh movie is released over here and it says it's released one the 13th, I was expecting a later release date, in fact I was told once it was the 16th it was being released.
This means I might be able to go on Saturday to see it as I'm not at work...
....although it'll be full of screaming kids but maybe I can catch a super early showing.

Saturday 14th August 10:50 13:00 15:05

Those are apprently the times it's showing this Saturday. Oh well I'll try and get there before 11am and catch that 10:50 showing maybe.
I must prepare to get strange looks to whoever sells me the ticket to me XD
I will never forget the time my friend and I got strange looks from the person who sold us tickets to the 3rd Pokemon movie.
TICKET LADY: - (*Looks up with a rather puzzled expression on her face*) "Child ticket?"

Ooooh I'll have to see if they give me a child ticket XD Normally I just ask for a ticket and let them make up their mind whether I'm a child or adult *giggles* Besides I still look like a child according to most people XD
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