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YAY! Fruits Basket! Wheeee!

Amazon.co.uk FINALLY put Volume 3 of the Fruits Basket DVD up X3 YAYNESS! I can't wait to see these episodes *dances* ordered Volume 2 of Angelic Layer on DVD too.
Decided to check out the Hikaru no Go and Shaman King mangas aswell.
Too bad Yu-Gi-Oh volume 6 isn't out until next month....ah well...
Delievery estimate is between the 25 August - 1st of September XD Between then I'll probably find half the stuff I ordered at Meadowhall...if I actually find the time to go there (*Will be going there to see the Yu-Gi-Oh movie*) work is still pimping out the overtime onto me O_O; Might not get to see it until the week I'm off...
....gathering they don't decide to give me "Overtime" on the days I wouldn't have been working anyway....which i have a feeling, a horrid horrid feeling, they will.

I want that whole week off damnit!

Okay I'm gonna put some Placebo songs onto my MP3 player now and maybe go to bed *lol* XD

EDIT: After hearing the tracks on the Yu-Gi-Oh movie soundtrack I ordered that too....seems like it quite possibly will come before the first lot of stuff I ordered XD;;
I only really want it for the "One Card Short" song, but there are a few other songs I liked too, there's at least ONE rock tune in the whole album XD YAY! I also like the lyrics in one called "The Great Pretender" X3

Watch all these come on days when I'm at work :p

Anyway it's like quarter past 3 in the morning....I need to sleep....
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