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Viuses on my computer... O_o;

YAY! Togepi had viruses on her computer!

Yep I was right, I scanned my computer today and it had two viruses on it (*I think it was the same one you had Nicole, not sure though*) It was a trojan called "Bloodhound.Exploit.6" or something like that... damn things >_< Although I've gotten rid of them and my computer is still running slow, might need to restart the computer but if it still runs slow next stop is the amazing spywear destoryer of doom...or in other words a spywear detection programme I downloaded *shrugs* It's worth a try.

Still need to finish putting some media and stuff onto disk. I got all my Naruto and FMA episodes onto disks anyway XD

*lol* Y'know I'm having such bad luck with the Fruit Patch themed months, I think 3 times now I've had an idea and someone did the same or similar idea before me XD I must not think very original O_o;;
Or people can read my mind... *looks suspiciously around her*
I'm still gonna do my idea though, I think my designs for a human versions of Terriermon and Lopmon are cool XD;;
Though I won't win squat with them, but I wanna draw them past stupid doodles on a piece of paper...
....now to find those doodles under the pile of paper on my bed ^^;
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