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Wheeeeeeeeeeee! I managed to find a download for the new Fire Red Pokémon game last night brings back so many memories like the time I played Blue for the first time on my PC and got so excited when I caught a Pidgey XD

I got ALL the way to Cerulean city, I had a Squirtle named kiba, a Rattata named Rory who liked to KO wild Pokémon when I was trying to catch them and a Butterfree named Lief.... but notice I said "Had" them... heh...at about half two this morning i decide I should go to bed so I save the game...turns out ya can't save it the way I did and it didn't save at all XD So all my gaming hard work was gone...ah well I'm just gonna start the game again and this time pick the girl and train my Pokémon a whole lot better AND catch the Pikachu I want and really quite despratly would need for Misty's Gym...

Ah well gonna go back to the game, unfortunatly I'm at work at 2pm today and it's nearly 11pm now so I won't be playing for long...damn work!
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