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Meh, too warm to sleep....

I watched naruto episode 94 and I've practiclly forgot what happened in it XD;; Besides naruto giving Kabuto a nice present of a Rasegean to the stomach (*I just know I've spelled that wrong*) And there were things that made me laugh cos I'm stupid but I can't remember them XD

Oh one of them was Jiraiya's little jutsu which makes his hair grow all spikey and the other was when Orochimaru got around that and went to bite Jiraiya's neck.... he stayed there for a looooong time and I couldn't help thinking...
"Jiraiya x Orochimaru?"

....yeah XD
1 hour speacial next week! YAY!!!

I swear my computer has a virus on it... it's running unusually slow and not to mention it reset earlier for no reason at all...

....also it's too warm and humid and icky...blah...

Weird Ash Icon XD

EDIT: Made another still/animated icon

I feel I should have put more into it but it, like more text but i wans't sure what really....ah well... I made it my new default icon too XD;;
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