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Ed has traded his dress sense for height O_O;;

Whahahaha! I'm gonna make you wait to see the offical 18 year old Ed and....hey! *Watches everyone scroll down without reading the rest of my rants* Oh well *sighs* XD;;

Anyway Beyblade was fun, mostly cos there's this team called the Bartez batallion and one of the bladers looks like a chibi Yami Marik with his hair style XD The team its self has a coach who's hell bent on having his team become famous to the point where he makes them cheat.
Oh and since the BBA Revolution are up against Kai's team Tyson was shocked when his brother didn't pick him for the line up to be in the battle and wondered why... well geez Tyson maybe it's your hot - headedness that might make ya lose against Kai :p

So as for FMA 44 guess what? Lyra, the girl who just kept appearing and acting suspicious is really Dante, the old woman who was Izumi's sensei for Alchemy. She takes Rose to some church and leads her to a secret passageway, they come to a room where 4 of the Homunculus are (*No Pride or Envy to be seen*) and they bow to her... except Lust who's still stuck to the wall by spikes O_o;

Ed and Al finally meet there father, Ed gives him a lovely greeting too...and automail fist to the face that is XD While poor Al is all like "Daddy!" ;_; Then he seems to worry his dad might not reconize him, especially since he was only a baby the last time they were together but Hoheinheim reconizes him straight away. Al and Hoheinheim then spend a night in a tent and I was thinking "Awww, cute son and father bonding" in the morning Al goes to get soemthing and when he returns Hoheinheim is gone.

Hoheinheim turns up at where Lyra/Dante is and they battle O_O Hoheinheim doesn't seem to use a cirlce for Alchemy either.

Then it ends with Ed doing some gravedigging as he digs up his mother's grave apologizing to her ;_; Poor Ed-Kun...

Other things to mention is the fact that the Philosopher's stone seems to be protecting Al's blood seal (*As he ends up getting another alchemy reaction towards his brother and went flying into some water*) and Hoheinheim tries his charms on maria Ross and she's taken by him....but the guy is old O_o; Maybe older than we all think too XD And poor Broche is all like "Boo-hoo" ;____;
Ed and Al finally tell everyone less that the Fuhuer/Bradley/whoever is a homunculous and Ed and Al also FINALLY learn Hughes is dead.


Best and most cutest Al picture EVER!

This just makes me laugh XD

I kinda feel sorry for Hoheinheim O_O;

Ed with his hair down X3


Grave Digging Ed

Ed fanservice in the next episode, anyone?

And now here is offical 18 year old Ed! Sporting some rather bad dress sense but meh *shrugs* it IS the early 1900s, they wore stuff like that back then...but I sure will miss his current outfit, especially his red coat *Adores that* But hey at least in trade for his dress sense he seems to have gained height!

He even doesn't have his hair in the braid anymore X3

18 year old Ed and a trailer that tells you nothing about the movie at all can be found here!


But they'll most likely will get an actual trailer for the movie up there at some point, most likely after the series ends, after all we don't want spoilers to the end of the series before it's shown, ne?
But despite his dress sense I like 18 year old Ed X3 *giggles fangirlishly and clings to him*

Okay need to get ready for work now X3
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