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Pokémon AG episode 88 - May's obsessed with bananas O_O;;

So I watched this weeks newest Pokémon episode and it was quite an improvement on last weeks. Today the twerps visit a banana garden in which a Snorlax seems to have taken residance and eating all the bananas and such....seems like the only tactic to get rid of it is to train up one of the Slakoth until it evolves then beat the living crap out of Snorlax and catch it...
....kinda reminds me of the Orange islands episode where Ash caught his Snorlax as it was eating all the grapefruit on the Grapefruit islands XD

Seems like May has a really BAD obsession with anything made from bananas O_o; At the end the friend of the day points out some banana cake and May is all like "Whoohooo!" and runs off. *lol*

Bananas for me! YAY! w00t! and YAY again!

Team Rocket appear and again have a strange Giovanni fantasy, this time thinking how happy he'd be if he woke up to find a large present on his front door in which the Snorlax pops out of and holds up a "Good Morning" sign, then the two watch the sun rise over the ocean *sniffles* It's so prettyful X3

And afterwards Team Rocket pull this happy little picture:

Had to post it, it is so darn cute X3
At one point Ash tries to battle the Snorlax with pikachu but the Snorlax uses what I presume is "Yawn" and sends everyone to sleep. Though the intresting thing was Brock and the friend of the day who grab hold of each other before they fall alseep and on the floor they have an arm around each other XD;; It made me laugh, seriously.

At the end Team Rocket are dreaming of some new outfits (*Which totally kick ass by the way*) Nice way to end the episode me thinks X3

We look all SNAZZY!

Awwww, don't they all look cuddly X3

Then comes the preview for the next episode "Pikachu, joining Team Rocket!?" Seems like Ash and Pikachu get seperated and Pikachu ends up with Team Rocket, but the rat seems to be a bit pissed at Ash and willingly attacks him when James tells it too!?
My guess is maybe Pikachu lost it's memory (*Since at the begining Ash and Pikachu were flying through the air with Ash trying despratly to grab Pikachu*) it's a possibility but either way this episode looks like fun X3 Hopefully it's full of Ash and Pikachu angst *lol*

Oh by the way, is it me or does it look like Pikachu is giving the finger on both hands in this screenshot? You might have to look at it close to see it :p

PIKACHU - "Screw you Ash!"

Other than that I'm downloading FMA episode 44 but it's going slow since it's only just been put up and I don't think many people are seeding it. So I'll most definintly will be watching that tonight, after work. Seems like some more things are gonna get revealed in it and it will probably once again leave my mind in a rambling puddle of "WTF???"
Ya have to love FMA for that ^_^
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