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Random stuffage as usual :p

What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
Your looks:Vivid green hair and glasses.
Your best friend:Someone no one else can see.
Your powers:Everything.
Your beloved:Mr.Wiggles the sock puppet.
Your occupation:Villain.
Your ending:The manga was better.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

*lol* The manga was better, isn't that almost always the case? XD
Seems my anime life is a bit insane, my best friend is someone no one else can see and my beloved is a sock puppet called Mr. Wiggles *dies laughing*

Other than that my eyes are all stinging due to hay fever again (*Seems like the storm we had last night while I was at work didn't cool down the weather much XD*) and I think my dad is a bit pissed at me cos I chose to see Helen and go to my mum's house over doing housework...
....guess it didn't help that I slept until midday either XD;;

Yeah my life is boring :p I might rewatch Yugioh episode 216 and make some icons from it...
...oh talking of that the priests are dropping like flies at the moment, I think Seto is the only one left (*Aswell as Mana*) if they kill off Mana I'll cry because she's so cute and fun XD
Oh and Zork's crotch is disturbing.
And I still love Yugi's little Marshmellow monster, it's just too cute and kick ass X3 Gotta admit at the moment I'm more of a fan of little Yugi than of Bakura XD;;
Bakura is so gonna get his ass kicked my adorable little critters and cute things, that makes me laugh!

Damn it's too warm....
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