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My sound card lives, had my brother take a look at it and after he fiddled around with it he came to the conclusion it was just moved slightly outta place or something. Unfortunatly now my dad is in a pissed off mood, sulking probably cos I told him to live me alone earlier since I was in such a bad mood and last thing I wanted to hear was him yapping on about my sound card when he knows he can't fix it...

My firewire card works at least...my computer tranfered all my MP3s onto my iPod really quick O_O And I still have a ton of space left on it YAY!

Oooh! And apparently England should be getting some hella cold weather over the next week, which is gonna be annoying cos it'll be cold BUT I'm REALLY hoping it brings a good dose of snow with it, I haven't seen a decent snowfall in years...
and I wanna take some snow landscape photos with my digital camera ^____^
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