PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

So, does anyone I follow here still use Livejournal at all? My f-list, other than pkmncollectors posts, seems rather dead.

I kinda missed having a journal like this, where I could post things and chat to people easily, something that's very difficult to do on Tumblr, so I made an account over at Dreamwidth, but man, it feels just as dead there haha. There aren't even any super active communities I can find to join there.

I guess people really have just mostly migrated to Tumblr.

Oh well, I'm unsure if I'll be using this account much, if at all, so I might as well leave a bunch of links of where to find me! And if you have a dreamwidth account, feel free to follow me there! I'll probably be using it as a bit of an IRL rant space, something I don't feel comfortable doing on Tumblr and Facebook :|

Personal Tumblr - (Mostly for non-fandom re-blogs and posting photos)
Fandom Tumblr - (All my fandom posts go here. Mainly Yu-Gi-Oh stuff at the moment haha)
Art Tumblr
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