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I need to get back into documenting my dreams here. Cos my dreams are awesome.

So last night I had a sort of Frozen/Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal crossover dream. Unsure if there was some Pokémon in it too, there were a lot of characters about in it that I don't specifically remember so it was possible.

I do remember one part at the beginning where a bunch of people are messing about in a snow drift and Elsa eventually takes it away because it was time to do something... idk.

Anyway, whole dream takes place at a huuuge castle and I specifically remember Elsa and a bunch of people being stood by these rabbit runs (that looked exactly like the runs at the RSPCA that I worked at). These were Elsa's rabbits, she loves them apparently. But then some cop, which I think was Hans somehow, came over and was threatening to arrest Elsa for some reason, but Elsa hadn't done anything wrong so refused, so Cop!Hans threatened to take the rabbits or kill them, either way he threatened the rabbits and left. Then Elsa and a bunch of characters decided that they were gonna protect the rabbits so they all slept near the runs and each person took turns standing guard for two hours each. Nothing happened.

I remember later on Elsa was talking to someone about the rabbits and they decided to move them indoors for safety, so they moved the runs... which were now an easier to carry rabbit hutch, near to the castle before going inside, I guess to make arrangements to move them inside. But then Hans comes around but somebody notices, goes out to him, then begins singing songs while swinging things around trying to hit him "by accident". But he gets pissed off and the rabbits vanish somehow. Elsa is upset that the rabbits are gone so some other characters get called which someone met on a journey and they're investigators??? I have no idea, most of the "characters" I don't remember who they were, there's only specific ones I can remember.

Next I remember this monster or something hitting or drilling the wall of the castle, which cuts the power and everything goes dark. Elsa and the rest of the characters run off around the castle and find a very flimsy looking ladder to climb up the castle walls.
As this is all happening, a girl, possible Kotori, I am not sure, notices the blackout and looks out a window to see Hans roaming around, knows something is up and goes to tell someone, which ends up to be the Tron brothers (V, IV and III). They are in a room that surprisingly has power as they're all on computers, so girl/Kotori tells them something is up and that the power is out elsewhere so they really should save what they're doing on their computers!!
The other group of characters that are climbing the ladder reach the window where the Tron brothers are, but it takes a bit to screw open the window?? It's also really small so how people fit through it I don't know. Anyway everyone gets inside and alert the Tron brothers to what's going on, but V specifically states that they cannot, at all costs, use their powers to help, but then the lights go out in that room and everyone is attacked by ... something and III uses his Barian seal bracelet thingy, but all everyone sees is it light up in the darkness. V asks who activated it (pretty sure he would of known anyway) and someone replies it was III.

Then these weird ... bomb... things suddenly appear on the tables. Three of them. Everyone wonders what they are. ARE they bombs? Someone replies that they're Rainbow bombs?? And it's very unclear if they were put there to help everyone or if they're unstable, but they also sort of act like torches?
Others leave the room but III is exhausted cos using his Barian seal power thingy took a lot out of him.

Aaaand... that's pretty much all I remember. It was a lot more exciting in the actual dream XD
The only other thing to note was that Elsa, through the entirety of the dream, was never in her snow queen outfit, but in her coronation outfit.

I love it when I get odd dreams like this 8D
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