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An anime convention rant. Go me....yay....

All this talk I've seen about anime conventions recently is depressing... I want to go to one and be with people like myself and buy cool junk I probably can't get anywhere and dress up in silly clothes...
...curse UK conventions and their ability to be held too far away from where I live. I promised myself I would definitly go to one next year, but that was before I found out how much of a pain the trains will be to catch (*I think the where Amecon is being held this year it would have taken me about 2 train stops that cost over £40 or something*) Plus I have this hate of going to places I've never been to before on my little lonesome ;_; I guess I could get Helen to go, she's game to go anywhere XD But I feel it probably wouldn't be that fair as she's not really into anime all that much (*She reconizes Pokémon and just reconizes Yu-Gi-Oh and she has Blood the Last Vampire on DVD but that's about it*)

*sighs* Damn why couldn't they hold one in Sheffield or Nottingham....I can get to those places easy enough -_-;;

And I can't get on Saiyaman's site again....sucky ;_;
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