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I should really post here more.

ONLY ONE DAY LEFT UNTIL POKEMON X AND Y!! I am so excited for these games, I even used a spare holiday to take the launch day off so I could play the games all day XD Last I looked my order on Amazon was in shipping process, so it should get shipped off early tomorrow so it arrives on Saturday.
I'm glad at the beginning of the week I had college to keep me busy, or this week would of just seemed very VERY long.

I also made a cute little Tumblr blog for my Kalos adventures and such! http://attackonkalos.tumblr.com/ (I was listening to Attack on Titan music when I made it. This explains the URL. Also the other URLs I wanted were already taken) I may also use it as a regular Pokémon blog and post about merch, anime ect. and I will probably blog playthroughs of future pokemon games there too.

In other exciting news, on Tuesday we're going on a college trip to Twycross Zoo! I've never been before so I am super thrilled to be going. I'm gonna take my camera and get lots of animal piccies. I just hope the weather behaves on the day, because right now it's being all blustery and rainy.
The zoo has lots of animals I've never taken photos of before (They specialize in primates) so it's gonna be awesome getting pics of them.
Tags: college, pokemon, pokemon x and y, tumblr, zoo
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