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Only one more week to go and I'm off college for the Easter holidays!! I'm really looking forward to it because these past few weeks have been horrendous with trying to get all the assignments in, especially when our Biology teacher decided that giving us THREE ASSIGNMENTS all at once, with two weeks to do "as much as we can", was a good idea. I'm ready to see the backs of these units now, but very glad that we won't have any other assignments to do over this break since we're starting new units afterwards. We're going to be doing Handling, Veterinary nursing, zoos, welfare and anatomy and physiology.
Handling is something I really would be looking forward to, as it's an area I need to bring my confidence up in, but... it's with the teacher that did training that I feel incredibly nervous around, urgh.

Oh well, I jut want to concentrate on the time off first and I am really hoping that I don't spend the entire two weeks doing nothing in my spare time. I want to re-organize/clean my room and the collection room too, I'm hoping to get some new shelves for the collection room so I have a bit more space to put things :) Gonna sort out what things I wanna keep and what things I can bare to part with.

Also, I want to re-organize my website, get it more up to scratch and I was also planning I might do reviews of various animated shows/movies on it, since I have been watching some new stuff lately (I spent a week or so bombing through Natsume's Book of Friends recently!) as well as wanting to re-watch old classics I watched as a kid. Might be a nice feature to the site if I can get round to writing such stuff.

I'd love to be able to do some drawing over those two weeks too.

So many plans!! I hope I don't sit around doing nothing like I usually do!!
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